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OIP Sensor Systems has a large experience directly related to the development of small modular cameras for space applications based on CMOS Sensors. The “Visual Monitoring Cameras” (VMC) are developed (mostly) under ESA contracts and used for observing the deployment of mechanisms such as solar panels and antennas onboard of a satellite and/or spacecraft. The cameras are also very suitable for monitoring the separation phases of satellites, landers, etc from their spacecraft, by means of a sequence of images.

Besides monitoring cameras, OIP Sensor Systems specialized also in the development of High Resolution Cameras. These cameras such also HRC (High Resolution Camera) onboard the Proba satellite and the OMC (Optical Monitoring Camera) onboard the Integral mission, produced stunning images of resp. interesting Earth scenes and stellar objects such as galaxies, faint stars, etc.

OIP Sensor Systems builds on its experience with the user, in line with the latest technologies, with special emphasis on precision, accuracy, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Product overview 

    HRC – High Resolution Camera
OIP designed and developed, as a subcontractor to Verhaert Space [B], a black & white high resolution camera with a miniaturised Cassegrain telescope and a sensor module developed by CSEM [CH].
The HRC instrument is taking 25km square images of the earth to a resolution of 5 - 10m. The HRC was primarily intended for technology, educational and general public information purposes.
The HRC was successfully launched on the PROBA I mission in 2001 and is still capturing images.

Status: operational

Info: HRC (Planet Earth seen in square images)  


    OMC – Optical Monitoring Camera
The Optical Monitoring Camera (OMC) observes the optical emission of objects and dedicated to fine spectroscopy.
OIP, as a subcontractor to Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL) [B], has designed and developed the OMC objective. OMC was successfully flown on the ESA scientific integral mission.

Status: operational

Info: OMC (mapping the universe)

         I​CAM – High Speed High Resolution Intelligent Camera
OIP designed and developed together with Vector International [Leuven, B] (electronics) and Lambda-X [Louvain-La Neuve, B] (objective/overall), the camera body for a Fast High Resolution Camera.

ICAM is a project funded by ESA. The goal of the project was to manufacture a fast camera with a high resolution, which was initially intended for microgravity applications but could be used in other fields as well.

Status: The demonstrator was delivered to ESA.

Info: ICAM (high resolution intelligent camera)

High resolution camera pictures


HRC (Proba)
HRC (Proba)
OMC (Integral)
OMC (Integral)