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OIP Sensor Systems specializes in the development, manufacture, delivery and installation of security solutions, including:

• Long, Medium and Short range day-night Surveillance sensors.
• Surveillance Vehicles: EO, radars and small UAVs
• Electronic and Fiber-Optic intrusion detection fences
• Security C4I centres, IP Security Surveillance networks management.

The systems are in continuous service by coastal surveillance and border security units, by the military, police forces and by other law enforcement agencies.

OIP Sensor Systems provides an advanced technological approach, meeting the challenges of all required Security applications: Border, Coastal and Perimeter Control via the deployment and implementation of cutting-edge systems based on innovative components enabling modular deployment in different configurations suitable for:

• Border Security
• Energy and Pipeline Security
• Coastal Surveillance Security
• Airport and Sea Port Security
• Perimeter Sites Security
• Transportation Terminals and Railways Security

Technologies & Capabilities

OIP Sensor Systems has earned reputation for excellence in integration of large systems and in development and manufacturing of electro-optic products for military and for homeland security applications.

OIP SENSOR SYSTEMS combines under one roof the full-spectrum of technologies and know-how, infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities required for large and cost effective security systems, including:

• Video surveillance
• Night vision cameras cooled and uncooled
• Daylight cameras
• Video motion detection
• Command and control
• Automatic intrusion detection by VMD
• Image enhancement
• Networking of sensors
• Sensors for electronic alarm fences
• Signal processing
• Fiber optic sensing technologies
• Pan and tilt pedestals

OIP Sensor Systems offers a significant advantage via its ability to provide in-house, under one roof, a complete turnkey solutions:

• Comply to user requirements
• Design, manufacturing and testing
• Integrate hardware, software and communication
• Training and logistic support.

This turnkey solution provides all elements required for comprehensive control the surveillance posts, tower, the communications, the power, the surveillance capabilities, the protection (anti-vandalism and anti theft); and the control center..

Border Security
Border Security
Energy & Pipeline Security
Energy & Pipeline Security
Coastal Surveillance Security
Coastal Surveillance Security
Airport & Seaport Security
Airport & Seaport Security
Perimeter Sites Security
Perimeter Sites Security
Transportation Terminals & Railway Security
Transportation Terminals & Railway Security