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The Damen/OIP proposal guarantees the most technological advanced solution for the Belgian and Dutch Navies

OIP’s toolbox proposal consists of
- a Combat Management System (CMS)
- an Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV)
- an Unmanned Sea Vehicle (USV)
- a diverse range of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and sensors
- a simulator and a containerized control center

These vehicles are specifically designed for unmanned operations, unlike other solutions where existing vehicles are refitted to support unmanned systems.

The command-and-control system (CMS) developed by OIP and set-up on the mother ship, enables a direct control of the different unmanned vehicles.

The OIP system also provides a direct and secure link between the various elements of the systems (for instance enabling a live and completely secure data transfer from the USVs to the ship.)

These high-tech tools are world-leading and combat-proven assets. During recent Navy tests, the Seagull USV came out as the overall strongest, specifically in rough sea conditions.

These tools are highly adaptive and can also be used for other purposes than Mine Counter Measure missions.
The Unmanned Airborne Vehicle and the Unmanned Sea Vehicle can be a great asset for any Search & Rescue (SAR) or Home Land Security (HLS) operation, windfarm inspection, detection of human trafficking, …