Helimun - Helicopter Pilots Night Vision System

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HELIMUN is a high performance stereoscopic night vision system for helicopter pilots, available with 40° or unique 60° field of view.

New Design

HELIMUN has been specifically designed to fit easily onto a pilot’s helmet.
Principal enhancements are the new XD-4 or XR-5 Image Intensifiers, individual interpupillary adjustment, large eye relief and exit pupil, a newly designed power module that is built onto the back of the helmet to increase the user’s comfort and a new ANVIS type bracket. The mounting of HELIMUN can be easily adapted to fit almost all kinds of pilots’ helmets.

New Image Intensifiers

The new XD-4 Autogating and XR-5 image intensifiers provide a high resolution image in all light conditions. In addition, these new image intensifiers have higher photocathode sensitivity, signalto- noise ratio, a more stringent blemish specification and a higher burn-in resistance compared to standard intensifiers.

Exceptional Performance

HELIMUN provides a very high image quality over a much greater range of eye positions than the standard 15 mm eye relief eyepieces, ensuring that all users have the full field of view (40° or 60°).
HELIMUN greatly simplifies the task of centering an eyepiece directly in front of each eye.
Furthermore, the new mechanism reduces more ocular wobble. 




For technical information, please send your request to sales@oip.be.