Lunos - Universal Night Observation System

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The LUNOS system is a versatile set of night vision equipments that perfectly matches your mission requirements and that gives an answer to the logistic needs.
The LUNOS passive night vision family consists of a binocular body, several objectives with different magnification factors (1x, 4x and 6x) and a number of options, such as face mask, helmet mount, grip, monopod and reticle.


• Modular design (interchangeable objectives)
• In the field exchange
• Flip-up/Switch-off capability
• No image blooming
• Little or no image smear
• Fast speed lens for LUNOS 1x system
• Fast speed mirror objective for LUNOS 4x and LUNOS 6x systems
• Built-in IR illuminator
• Operational under severe conditions


​         Lunos with 4x objective                            Lunos with 6x objective                            Lunos on facemask                                   Lunos on helmet

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