Loris - Night Vision Monocular

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LORIS is a family of high performance monocular night vision devices to be used as handheld observation systems, mono or stereo goggles for face mask or helmet mount, or as a sighting system for    light weapons.
An integrated lightsensor switches off the system automatically in the event of overloading light levels.
When the light returns to acceptable light levels, the sight automatically switches on again.

An optional gain control knob permits the adjustment of the image brightness.
The IR light source can be used to send messages in Morse code (optional).
Enhanced optics permit the integrationof the latest technology in image intensifier tubes.  


                        Loris with 3x magnifyer                                                         Loris on facemask                                                               Loris with picatinny adapter
             Loris on helmet                                     Loris in flip-up position                               Loris binocular

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