R&D Department


Research & Development is the major focus for OIP. The R&D department consists of about 50 people, among them a team of 30 highly experienced and qualified engineers and scientists, who are working with the most advanced software for optical, mechanical and electronic design.
All R&D activities are fully compliant with the AS9100 Quality Requirements.



In order to meet the very high requirements for development and production of holographic optics, OIP has a purpose-built fully equipped clean room installation of the highest standard.
The total surface covers approximately 200 m2 of class 10.000 and locally class 100 temperatures and relative humidity stabilized clean area.

The most important equipment in this area consists of:

Ar ion lasers (2 x 5W + 1 x 20W) 
Several red and green HeNe lasers (mW) 
Pneumatically stabilised optical benches
Drying and temperature cycling ovens 
Wet process bench for the automatic development process and for sensitisation (tightly temperature controlled baths)

Test Facilities


The Quality Control Department is equipped with sophisticated test equipment for on-line optical, mechanical and electronical testing, as well as for full environmental testing.
The following main tests can be performed in-house:

Environmental tests

Temperature tests (operating and storage) for equipment with max. weight of 110 kg : -70°C/+180° C in 1,5 m³ volume
Humidity Tests in climate chamber in 1,5m³
Temp. +5° to +95°C, Relative Humidity 5% to 100%
Vibration tests 5-3000 Hz
dmax = 25 mm
vmax = 1,2 m/s
amax = 80 g
max. sine thrust = 2449 kgf
max. random thrust = 1950 kgf
Repeated shock tests (bumps):  up to 80 g, e.g. 40 g, 6 ms
Repeated shock tests (e.g. for simulation of weapon shooting) : up to 1300 g
Salt/Fog Tests - Volume : 1 m³ 
Immersion Tests

Optical performance tests

Visible interferometry (diameter 100 mm)
Computerized ZYGO GPI 100 mm visible interferometer
Visible and IR modulation transfer function (MTF), diameter 120 mm
Instruments to test :

Collimation (ASKANIA focal length 1800 mm)
Contrast tests
Spherotronic electronic Radii measurement
Fully computerized transmission and reflection measuring apparatus (spectrophotometer Perkin-Elmer Lambda 9 UV/VIS/NIR)
Spectrophotometer Beckman Acculab 10 IR

Assembly Facilities

OIP’s Assembly Facilities include over 500 m2 assembly rooms (equipped for optical, mechanical and electronical assembly), 10 dark rooms with calibrated light source for optical testing, and 200 m2 of class 10.000 and locally class 100 clean rooms.

Mechanical Workshop

In order to enable in-house prototyping and pre-series manufacturing, OIP has a well equipped mechanical workshop, fitted for rapid prototyping, custom demand modifications and tooling provisions.

Training & Logistic Support


The high standard of OIP's development and manufacturing quality rules is backed up by the same level of logistic support. OIP provides according to the customer's specifications:

• Technical documentation (user's and maintenance manuals)
• Technical maintenance assistance
• User's training
• Maintenance training
• Instructor's training
• Spare parts management

Training can be given at OIP or at the customer’s premises.