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OIP Sensor Systems is proud to officially announce the new evolution of the well-known EOPTRIS, the EOPTRIS 2.0, which is an enhanced spin off development of the Electro Optical Ranging and Imaging System (EOPTRIS), specifically developed to offer similar performance with a highly reduced envelope and mass.

EOPTRIS 2.0 is a fully integrated imaging system specifically developed for remotely operated weapon stations equipped with light and medium caliber weapons.

In its core configuration, it features an uncooled thermal imager and a color CCD day camera, with numerous options available tailor made to individual customer requirements. In its fire control configuration, the EOPTRIS 2.0 is a true fire control system which can be linked to various types of external sub-systems providing data for enhanced ballistic solution accuracy.

EOPTRIS 2.0 provides 24 hour surveillance and target acquisition capability and just as EOPTRIS, it is a line replaceable unit (LRU) featuring a hermetically sealed enclosure. Shop replaceable units (SRU’s) are assembled into an open frame architecture allowing for enhanced compactness and modularity.
Thanks to its modular built-up, each EOPTRIS 2.0 subsystem can easily be upgraded to the latest technology.

The 3 main evolutions of the EOPTRIS 2.0 are as follows:
Highly reduced size of the sight
Dimensions of the EOPTRIS 2.0 (L x W x H) are: 251mm x 257mm x 143mm which makes the EOPTRIS 2.0 one of the smallest device in the world.
Better TI performance
The thermal imager is using the latest detector technology and state of the art image processing. Coupled to our dual field of view lens, this results in a very crisp image and higher DRI values.
DRI Values for EOPTRIS 2.0 – Thermal channel – NATO Target:
Detection: 7.0km
Recognition: 2.4km
Identification: 1.2km
Greater modularity
The EOPTRIS 2.0 disposes of many options such as the possibility to have it both in cooled or uncooled configuration in the same enclosure, target acquisition capabilities with compass and GPS implementation, target data management with photo and video recording capabilities, the system can also be stabilized-gimbaled in 2 axis, etc…


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