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  • Building 8000 m²
  • Clean rooms
  • Optics assembly
  • Electro-Optics assembly
  • Opto-mechanics assembly
  • Optoelectronics assembly
  • A fully equipped R&D department with highly experienced and qualified engineers and scientists.
  • Production and assembly rooms
  • 200 m² of clean rooms
  • class 10.000 and locally class 100
  • Production
  • 10 dark rooms with calibrated light source
  • Mechanical workshop fitted for prototyping, custom demand modifications and tooling provisions
  • 500 m² assembly rooms for optical, mechanical and electronic assembly
  • Optical Workshop
  • Test facilities with sophisticated test equipment for on-line optical, mechanical and electronic testing, as well as for full environmental testing
  • ESD-safe assembly room
Production Planning & Logistics Department operating dedicated ERP-tools.


  • Optical design and analysis (CODE V, ZEMAX, ASAP, OSLO ...)
  • Mechanical design (Solid Works and Solid Works PDM system)
  • Electronics design and analysis (Mentor Graphics )