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In the '80ies OIP participated for the first time to a space project with the development of CPF (Critical Point Facility): a sophisticated opto-electronic minilab for scientific experiments in space. The CPF instrument had successfully flights with Spacelab IML-1 and IML-2 missions.

A new core business was born for OIP, a Space Department was founded. Since then, OIP has been involved for many years in the design, development and manufacture of optical components and opto-electronic systems for space applications. The core business of the OIP Space Department is the development of optical instruments,
such as :

  • Cameras
  • (Imaging) Spectrometers for planetary observation
  • Optical Ground Support Equipment
  • Space Instrumentation
  • Feasibility studies

The OIP space developments can be classified in the fields:

  • Planetary observation
  • Scientific programs
  • Technological research.

Most of the space developments are taking place under ESA contract with OIP working as subcontractor. Numerous instruments, developed by OIP, had successful flights (IML, XMM, CLUSTER II, PROBA, ARIANE V, MARS-EXPRESS, VENUS-EXPRESS, INTEGRAL, ROSETTA, ENVISAT, METEOSAT, MSG, etc).