LUNOS - Lightweight Universal Night Observation System

The LUNOS system is a versatile set of night vision equipment that perfectly matches all mission requirements.
The LUNOS passive night vision family consists of a binocular body, several interchangeable objectives with different magnification factors (1x, 4x and 6x) and a number of options, such as face mask, helmet mount, grip, monopod and reticle.

Key Benefits

  • Modular design (interchangeable objectives)
  • In the field exchange
  • No image blooming
  • Little or no image smear
  • Operational under severe conditions


  • Flip up/Switch off capability
  • Fast speed lens for LUNOS 1x system
  • Fast speed mirror objective for LUNOS 4x and LUNOS 6x systems
  • Built-in IR illuminator


  • Face mask
  • Helmet mount
  • Grip
  • Monopod
  • Reticle for LUNOS 6x
  • Carry bag and transport case

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LORIS is a family of high performance monocular night vision devices to be used as handheld observation systems, monocular or binocular head or helmet mounted goggles. An integrated light sensor switches off the system in the event of excessive light levels and when those are back to an acceptable extent, the sight automatically switches on again.
An optional gain control knob permits increasing or decreasing of the image brightness for a better contrast in varying light conditions. The IR light source can either be used as a permanent additional light source for short range tasks or as an intermittent source to send messages in Morse code (optional). Enhanced optics permit the integration of the latest technology of image intensifier tubes.
LORIS is available with a variety of interface modules to be combined with a face mask and different helmet mount models.

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FELIS is the newest product in OIP Sensor Systems’ wide range of portable night vision devices.
FELIS is an ultra lightweight intelligent passive night vision goggle using unique design features. It can be used as a handheld observation system or as face mask or helmet mount goggles.
FELIS features a 51° Field of View, an integrated light sensor and programmable logic. The system was designed to integrate the latest technology of image intensifier tubes.

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