Coastal Surveillance and Border Security

OIP Sensor Systems provides outdoor protection solutions for Coastal Surveillance and Border Security.
The EOPTRIS or ORBIS product families are perfectly suitable, on shore or offshore, for long-range observation.
The systems can either be fix mounted on the coastline, or installed on board of (un)manned patrol boats.
OIPs’ long-range observation systems are equipped with modern, cooled, thermal imaging cameras, while the short/medium-range detection systems employ unique uncooled thermal cameras and sophisticated video motion detection (VMD) algorithms for threat detection.
These surveillance systems are remotely controlled, 24 hours operational under reduced visibility conditions and adjusted to be used in accordance with the customer’s environmental conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Local and regional Threats
  • Local security sensitivities
  • Physical environment conditions & limitations
  • Existing Systems and Infrastructure
  • Security Human and Physical Resources
  • Security Disciplines & methods
  • Local, National and international Regulations
  • Budgets and financial limitations


More details

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