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DECMEC – Detector and Mechanism Controller [Herschel-Planck]

DECMEC is a part of the PACS electronics and guarantees on one hand the control of the detector arrays, temperature-sensors and mechanisms, and delivers on the other hand science data to the Signal Processing Unit. The DECMEC electronics was successfully flown on ESA’s Herschel-Planck mission (launched 2009).
The PACS instrument, which will be mounted on the Herschel Space Observatory, is designed for imaging photometry and low- and medium-resolution spectroscopy in the wavelength region ranging from 60 to 210µm. Researches on circumstellar physics, on star and on galaxy formation will benefit from this instrument.
OIP, as subcontractor to Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL) [B], is responsible for the design and development of the DECMEC electronic unit.
The project was funded by ESA/PRODEX.

Status: Mission completed.
Type: Control Electronics
Application: Science


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