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MIRI-IOC – Mid InfraRed Imager Input Optics and Calibration Unit [JWST]

The IOC is part of the MIRI Optical Bench Assembly, which will be flown on the MIRI instrument on board of the James Webb Space Telescope mission (the follow-up of the Hubble telescope). The IOC is designed to pick-off the MIRI field of view (FOV) from the JWST Fine Steering Mirror and to relay the relevant parts of this FOV into the spectrometer and into Imager sub-systems. The IOC is thus the opto-mechanical relay structure that distributes the incoming light to the different science instruments. The IOC is operated at about 8K.
OIP, as a subcontractor to Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL) [B], was responsible for the design and development of the IOC structure. Project was funded by ESA/PRODEX.

The Flight Model was delivered in 2009. Launch of the JWST is expected in 2018.

Status: Launch 2021

Type: relay optics

Application: Science


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