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ROSINA DFMS - Double Focusing Mass Spectrometer [Rosetta]

The Double Focusing Mass Spectrometer (DFMS) is one of the three components of ROSINA, onboard ESA’s Rosetta mission.
The goal of this mass spectrometer is the measurement of ions and neutrals. The sensor has a very wide dynamic range and high sensitivity to cope with the very large differences in ion and neutral gas concentrations. Furthermore, the outflowing cometary gas flow velocities and temperatures can be determined.
BIRA-IASB was responsible for the construction of the detection system and its corresponding electronics for the DFMS spectrometer.
OIP, as a subcontractor to BIRA-IASB [B], was responsible for manufacturing, assembly and testing (electrical and environmental) of space qualified electronics for RDP and FDP, both part of the DFMS subsystem of the instrument of Rosina.

Rosina was launched successfully and after a 10 years long journey the spacecraft, carrying the comet lander Philae, arrived at its destination: Comet 67P/C-G. Philae was successfully deployed on the comet surface, the first ever landing on a comet! The orbiter followed its loyal travel companion and performed interesting science!

Status: Operational

Type: Electronics

Application: Science


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