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APEX – Airborne Prism EXperiment (wavelength range: 380 – 2500nm)

APEX is a hyperspectral imaging spectrometer for use in an airplane at an altitude of 7km. APEX is intended as a simulator and a calibration and validation device for future spaceborne hyperspectral imagers and will be used to determine the quality of vegetation.
The APEX spectrometer consists of two spectral channels: one in the visible and one in the infrared range. It has a field of view of 28° imaged on a detector of 1000 by 400 pixels. About 300 spectral bands are recorded in the wavelength area between 380 and 2500nm, with a spectral resolution of 10nm and at a spatial ground resolution of 2m to 5m.

The APEX is developed by a Swiss-Belgian consortium on behalf of ESA. OIP, as subcontractor to RUAG [CH], was responsible for the development of the imaging spectrometer. The most important users are RSL (Remote Sensing Laboratories) [CH] and VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research) [B].
The project was funded by ESA/PRODEX.

Status: operational since 2010

Type: Hyperspectral

Application: Earth observation


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