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OSMU – Optical SpectroMeter Unit (wavelength range: 350 – 2350nm)

OSMU is a hyperspectral imaging spectrometer to be integrated in a South-African Multi-Sensor Microsatellite Imager (MSMI) onboard of the second generation SUNSAT satellite ZASat2.
The OSMU spectrometer contains two spectral channels: one in the visible and one in the infrared range. It has a field of view of 1,25° imaged on a detector of 1000 by 400 pixels. About 200 spectral bands are recorded in the wavelength range between 350 and 2350nm, with a spectral resolution of 5-14nm and at a spatial ground resolution of 15m (seen from height of 600km).

The OSMU is developed by OIP for the University of Leuven [B]. OIP was responsible for the development of the imaging spectrometer part of the optical system. The most important users are University of Stellenbosch [SA] and University of Leuven [B].

Status: on hold

Type: Hyperspectral

Application: Earth observation


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