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PROBA-V – Project for Onboard Autonomy Vegetation (Wavelength bands: 438-486nm, 615-696nm, 772-914nm and 1564-1634nm)

The Vegetation Instrument onboard Proba-V is a multispectral spectrometer with 4 spectral bands and with a very large swath of 2250 km to guarantee daily coverage above 35° latitude.
The payload consists of 3 spectral imagers with each a very compact TMA telescope. Each TMA, having a FOV of 34°, contains 4 spectral bands: 3 bands in the visible range and one band in the SWIR spectral range. The ground resolution of the instrument will go up to at least 1000m; in the visual spectrum Nadir even reaches a ground resolution of 100m. Proba-V is an earth observation mission with a Proba satellite.

OIP was the industrial prime contractor for the payload and responsible for the design and development of the Vegetation Instrument, with XenICs [B] and AMOS [B] as most important subcontractors. The PROBA-V development started beginning 2009, and completed in 2013. The satellite was successfully launched in May 2013 and operational since December 2013.
The project was funded by BELSPO.

Status: Operational

Type: Multispectral

Application: Earth observation


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