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SCIAMACHY – Scanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometer for Atmospheric Cartography (wavelength range: 240-1750nm + 1900nm and 2400nm)

SCIAMACHY comprises a high resolution (0.2-0.4nm) spectrometer to observe transmitted, reflected and scattered light from the atmosphere in the UV, visible and near infrared wavelength regions covering the range 240 – 1750nm, and in 2 selected regions between 1.9 and 2.4µm. SCIAMACHY was designed to measure both tropospheric and stratospheric abundances of a number of atmospheric constituents, which take part in ozone destruction or in the greenhouse effect. The SCIAMACHY instrument was part of ESA’s Envisat satellite which was successfully flown.

OIP, as a subcontractor to ESA, was involved in the C/D phase of the SCIAMACHY project and was in charge of the opto-electronic modules inside the Optical Assembly for polarization measurements and calibration during flight.
The project is funded by ESA/PRODEX

Status: Operational

Type: Multispectral

Application: Earth observation


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