We are proud to present our new Space Corporate Movie.

OIP offers high-tech optical solutions for defence and space. We are the trusted partner for governments, space agencies and international corporations from around the globe.

Our continuous research and development underpins our ability to deliver both off-the-shelf products and custom-made instruments.

Our space instruments portfolio has three main categories:

  • Spectrometers – The uses include climate monitoring, agriculture, infrastructure monitoring, and security.
  • Monitoring and navigation cameras – OIP’s compact visual cameras are used for space situational awareness, navigation during lunar landings, as well as supervision of robotic tasks.
  • Scientific instrumentation – Our electro-optical subsystems are employed in scientific space expeditions, such as the relay optics for the James Webb Space Telescope.

All of the specialized instruments we develop are ultra-precise and robust enough to withstand the harsh environment of space.

For more than 35 years OIP has been the global go-to partner for mission-critical electro-optical solutions for space exploration.

If you’re looking for high-performance visualisation solutions, both on Earth and in outer space, connect with OIP. Your partner by excellence.