HELIMUN MK6A - Helicopter Pilots Night Vision Goggles

HELIMUN MK6A is a high performance stereoscopic night vision system specifically designed to fit easily onto a pilot’s helmet.

Principal enhancements are the incorporation of the latest technology image intensifier tubes, individual inter-pupillary adjustment, large eye relief and exit pupil, a newly designed power module that is built onto the back of the helmet to increase the user’s comfort and a new ANVIS type bracket. The mounting of HELIMUN MK6A can easily be adapted to fit all kinds of pilots’ helmets.
The new XR-5 and 4G image intensifiers with autogating feature provide a high resolution image in all light conditions. These new image intensifiers have higher photocathode sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, more stringent blemish specification and higher burn-in resistance compared to standard intensifiers. In addition, ONYX black & white tubes offering higher contrast compared to the standard green image tubes are also available.

Key Benefits

  • Can be mounted on all helmets equipped with ANVIS interface
  • Very high image quality
  • Low distortion optics
  • New bracket with adjustments in 4 directions
  • New power module on the back of the helmet with back-up batteries
  • Operational under severe conditions


  • Flip up/Switch off capability
  • Large eye relief and exit pupil eyepieces
  • Individual interpupillary distance adjustment

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