LORIS - Night Vision Devices

LORIS is a family of high performance monocular night vision devices to be used as handheld observation systems, monocular or binocular head or helmet mounted goggles.
An integrated light sensor switches off the system in the event of excessive light levels. When the light returns to acceptable light levels, the sight automatically switches on again.
An optional gain control knob permits to increase or decrease the image brightness for a better contrast in varying light conditions. The IR light source can be used either as a permanent additional light source for short range tasks or to be used as an intermittent source to send messages in Morse code (optional). Enhanced optics permit the integration of the latest technology in image intensifier tubes.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Compact & robust
  • Intuitive operation
  • High reliability


  • Very high resolution
  • Enhanced, low-distortion optics
  • Integrated light sensor
  • Built-in IR illuminator
  • Ergonomic OFF/ON/IR rotary switch
  • IR switch protected against accidental activation
  • Monocular (left or right eye) or binocular
  • Flip up / switch off capability
  • Dioptre setting indications
  • IR LED ON / Battery-low indicator
  • Intuitive adjustment mechanism, allowing operation while wearing gloves

Programmable Software

The software of the LORIS permits to program different settings in factory.

Examples are:

  • Default gain level of the image intensifier tube
  • Default luminance value for automatic switch off
  • Default time before shut down in case of over illumination
  • Remaining operation time for battery-low indication
  • Automatic switch on when flipped down in front of the eyes after flip up
  • Automatic switch off in flip aside position


More details

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