EOPTRIS 2.0, part of the EOPTRIS product family, is a cost-effective military grade Electro-Optical Ranging and Imaging System. The product configuration consists of a thermal video channel, a visible channel, and a Laser Range Finder (LRF) device.
Thanks to its modular architectural design, the EOPTRIS can be tailored to specific customers’ requirements for short, medium and long-range observation and weapon stations.
The EOPTRIS is a designed-to-fit solution, which can be configured as a stand-alone camera or as complete Fire Control System with enhanced ballistic solution accuracy.
The solution is MIL-STD qualified and has been used in various extremely harsh environments, as it perfectly excels in sand and dust or in salt and fog scenery.


• Both ground and naval applications
• Small and medium caliber Remote Controlled Weapon Stations
• Reconnaissance and Surveillance Missions

Key Benefits

• Cost-effective Electro-Optical Sight – available in short, medium and long configurations
• Easy upgradable, thanks to its modular and flexible design
• Easy maintenance, thanks to its modularity on LRU and SRU level
• Compact and lightweight design
• Low life cycle cost


• Image stabilization
• Acoustic Sniper Detection
• Meteo sensor
• Integrated GPS
• Video recording
• Snapshots
• Multiple video outputs (analogue or digital)
• Various communication interfaces
• Remote monitor with control panel

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The LRS9 is an evolution of the successful LRS8 system, providing an improved higher resolution and night sensitive Day Camera and Uncooled Thermal Channel.
As before, the multifunctional display for gunner and (optional) commander offer most optimal ergonomics.
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