OIP’s SENTINEL, is a real-time day & thermal 360° Situational Awareness System with motion detection.
The network enabled cameras, together with the smart displays, provide the operators inside the vehicle with a panoramic view of the battlefield, under closed hatches, without compromising their safety.
Our engineers paid special attention to the design process to optimize user experience by having an intuitive human machine interface to increase both the comfort and the mission success of the operator.
Thanks to a modular design of the rugged cameras, the field of view can easily be tailored to meet the specific dead zone requirements of the vehicle.
The solution can easily be integrated into ground army vehicles, and can even be used on naval or airborne platforms.
The solution is MIL-STD qualified and has been used in various extremely harsh environments, as it perfectly excels in sand and dust or in salt and fog scenery.

Key Benefits
  • Real-time Day and Thermal Situational Awareness
  • 360° view
  • Video motion detection
  • Interface with combat management system
  • Low life cycle cost
  • Independently addressable multi-cast video streams
  • Real-time driver camera
  • Real-time 360° situational awareness

• Optical extender
• Video recording
• Snapshots
• Multiple video outputs (analogue or digital)


More details

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